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The purpose of coursework writing is to assess the ability of the students to undertake a theoretical research and apply it to real life situations.  You are expected to come up with original solutions to different problems. Coursework writing is an essential part of any scientific course.  Writing a coursework is about researching a specific topic of scientific and practical importance.  It assumes a deeper insight into a theoretical issue and an exploration of the empirical evidence. Coursework writing requires a lot of additional reading, gathering and analyzing statistics, systematizing facts, generalizing and making conclusion. Gathering information is the primary responsibility of students, not supervisors. Writing a coursework gives you an opportunity to show the knowledge accumulated over the years of study. The coursework writing demonstrates the analytical capability and creativity in applying the knowledge to business-related topics.

In most cases, coursework writing is supervised.  One or several supervisors can be approved by the dean's office to help you with your coursework.  If you have the right to choose, ask the teacher you like to be your supervisor.  Please, keep notice that each teacher has a certain quota of coursework for supervision. Supervisors fix the consultation hours. Students are responsible for coming and asking for guidance according to the following schedule.

Coursework Info: Format

While writing a coursework, student is free to structure and plan their own work. Still, do not make the coursework style and structure too complicated. If the number of chapters and paragraphs is too big, the coursework looks fractioned and loses its integrity. Usually, the first coursework chapter shows the origin of the problem and gives its theoretical background. Mainly, that is a desk research and assumes a lot of additional reading. If the topic is business-related, the first chapter may include the theoretical analysis to the extent that it could be applied to the specific company.

The second chapter should present a field of research and the analysis of the gathered information. In this section, statistics is analyzed, the properties of a phenomenon are characterized, new trends are outlined, classifications are given, the drawbacks and contradictions are identified.

The solution to the problem should be presented in the third chapter of your coursework. You must support your viewpoints with arguments and facts, generalize and make forecasts. In the result, the main idea of the research formulated in the thesis statement should be proved and supported theoretically and factually. While writing a coursework, strive to provide a logical presentation of the research through ensuring smooth transitions between paragraphs.

Coursework Help

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