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Coursework Help


It is not always a good idea to start coursework writing with introduction.  When you have just develop the coursework thesis, you may not know what aspects of the question you are going to discuss as well as you cannot know which coursework structure you will use.  Coursework writing should start with deciding what question you are going to research.  First, your coursework should explain the topic.  Second, your coursework should analyze the topic.  Third, your coursework has to evaluate and discuss the topic.

Coursework Help: Structure

You may use several coursework formats.  Below is the example of philosophy coursework structure.

  • Introduction:  provides background information on philosophical question
  • Body:  Point one, point two, point three, etc.
  • Conclusion:  provide the answer the question stated in introduction
  • Bibliography:  list all of the sources in accordance to required format

Coursework Help: Details

  • Introduction (explain the issue of your coursework, write why it is important, include the map of your coursework; introduction should be four or five sentences)
  • Body (the aim of coursework body is to analyze different points of the topic, be attentive with making logical transitions from one point to another; body should consists of at least six paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (you have to provide the short overview of all points discussed in your coursework and set the path for further research)

Coursework Help: Format

When you have chosen the topic of your coursework from the list provided by the tutor, you have to think about the coursework format.  While conducting the research, make sure to create a bibliography list with the sources you will use.  Keep in mind that even if your do not quote from the source, it has to appear on the reference list.  Paraphrasing or using ideas of other authors without proper referencing is plagiarism.  In addition, follow the specific requirements of the tutor. If you are required to analyze one aspect of the topic, focus on this aspect only. 

Coursework Help: Philosophy

The purpose of philosophy coursework writing is to construct an answer to the question.  Coursework construction means that your coursework will consist of several parts covering different aspects of the topic.  In addition, you have to justify your answer.  It means you have to find supportive arguments from secondary sources.  You cannot simply say that your answer is right because you think so; you need to show the coursework reader why your answer is right.

Coursework Help: Online

Writing a coursework is not an easy assignment especially if you have no writing experience and have never accomplished long academic projects. Coursework writing is challenging because you should produce the original piece of writing contributing to the already existing information on the topic  Coursework writing is time-consuming because you have you devote many hours researching, formatting, and writing.  Why not to ask professional coursework writers for assistance?  The most experienced and knowledgeable writers are working at Custom Essay and are available to help you with coursework writing on any topic.

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