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Contrasting Essay


While being a student you are going to get the great number of different essay assignments and in order to complete all of them successfully, you have to learn all the requirements from each of the existing kind of the academic writing. This article is going to preset you one of the most frequently met kind of academic essay writing, which goes under the title contrasting essay.

Contrasting Essay: Introduction

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Contrasting Essay is about IDEAS

Thus, in your contrasting essay you have to contrast two different ideas and to speak about what they have in common and which features differ. However, single enumerating of the above-mentioned details will not win you the high grade, in order to write a good contrasting essay, you have to analyze all the similarities and differences you are speaking about. You can build your contrasting essays in several ways.

The first way is to speak about each of the ideas separately, in the separate paragraphs without making any references to each other. The second way of writing contrasting essay is to speak about the ideas step by step. For example, you mention some of the features of the first idea in the first paragraph, some features of the second idea in the second paragraph, and you contrast these two ideas in the third paragraph.

Make Your Contrasting Essay Informative

In order to make your contrasting essay to be more informative, you may make use of Venn diagram. Venn diagram is the use of circles, which helps the student to illustrate all the similarities and differences between two ideas they deal with in contrasting essay writing.

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