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Constructing an Essay Argument


Constructing an essay argument is not easy because you must show your understanding of the topic and employ your persuasive skills. While writing an essay, you need to try to prove a statement, to establish a link between two concepts or between two statements. You need to try to change the mind of those who may be doubtful. In order to be successful with academic essay writing you must appeal to reasons or premises that your readers originally find more believable.

Essay Argument Writing

The reasons you discuss must be linked appropriately in your English essay. Assume that you have to write on the following argumentative persuasive essay topic - 'God is wise'. In your essay you should try to convince the reader who accepts existence of God, however, is not sure that God is wise. For example, the reader is not ready to accept this assumption, or at least he wonders why he should accept it. Your goal is to find concepts that can be linked both to God and to wisdom in ways that are believable to your reader. Argument essay writing means that you can express your ideas about God.  For example, you can write that God is superior to humans. Your reader might be willing to accept that God is superior to humans, that God has all the very best qualities, however, the reader might be hesitant about his beliefs. In addition, while writing an essay on the above topic, you have to link wisdom with God. Thus, you have to establish logical linkages: God is superior to humans and wisdom is one of the best qualities, therefore, God is wise. Next, you have to proceed with constructing a solid argumentation supported with evidence from secondary sources. The aim of essay writing is to connect all arguments and convince the reader to accept your point of view. Academic essay writing is about presenting ideas in correct and logical way.

Argument Essay Writing Advice

There are two traditional types of argument in English essay writing, deductive and inductive. A deductive argument is one which provides conclusive proof of its conclusions - if the premises are true, the conclusion must also be true as well. A deductive argument is either valid or invalid. A valid argument - if the premises are true, then the conclusion is true. Inductive arguments are not valid or invalid; however, we can talk about whether they are better or worse than other arguments, and how probable their premises are.

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