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Constitutional Essay Law


Depending on the required length, writing a constitutional essay law can be a long and involved process.

Constitutional Essay Law: How To Write

  • Analyze your essay topic. Before you can create an effective argument, you must determine exactly what you are being asked to answer. It is often a good idea to highlight key words in the essay question and use them to structure your essay.
  • Be thorough in your researching and try to locate as wide a variety of sources as possible: books, journals, texts, internet articles. Many law journals for your constitutional essay law are available online these days and you will find that printing these web journals is cheaper than photocopying.
  • Reading and note taking will no doubt be the longest part of the essay-writing process. You should have a tentative essay plan in mind at this stage. Skim through your sources and try to work out some categories for your notes. Read through each source thoroughly, highlighting your printouts.
  • You probably will not be able to finalize a definitive essay until you will get and analyze all relevant information from your sources.
  • Draft. Try to follow your plan but do not worry about writing in perfect English on this stage. This step is to help you to make liberal use of direct quotes and to be sure that they are properly used.
  • Revising and refining. This is the stage where you turn your essay into a piece of gold that you can be proud about. Be sure that you fully answer the question. It is imperative that there is a logical argument flowing through your entire essay.
  • Everything must be fully referenced in your constitutional law essay, not just direct quotes, but every single paragraph must be referenced. Find out which legal reference style your professor prefers. Keep a record of your references as you go along. This will save your time, as you will not need to work out where you pulled your quotes.

Constitutional Essay Law: Structure

  • Start broadly. In your introduction define key terms, determine your point of view on the topic, and highlight your main points.
  • The body is narrow. Specifically answer the question, use topic sentences and linking paragraphs, reference quotes.
  • End broadly. Reflect on your main argument. Highlight implications of your discussion for the future.

Constitutional Essay Law: Writing Help

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