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Conclusion Writing


What is an essay? Essay is usually small by volume, but requires serious preparation and writing on a topic. The main difference is that the essay is written in accordance to certain rules, namely:

  1. The volume of essay should meet the requirements of the tutor.
  2. There is a need to write a brief and clear paper.
  3. It is required to demonstrate critical thinking skills to build and prove personal position on certain issues based on acquired knowledge and independent thinking.
  4. The structure includes essential essay components such as: introduction (essence and the reasoning on the chosen topic, thesis statement), the body part (reasoned disclosure of the topic on the basis of collected material), and the conclusion (generalizations and final notes).
  5. It is recommended to give a brief definition of key terms in the introduction, but their number should not exceed three or four terms.
  6. Each of the paragraphs should deal with one main thought discussed in the body section.
  7. If you have decided to include a citation while writing an essay, follow the citation rules (the text of a quotation should be taken in quotation marks, and you should also provide precise reference to the source, including page number), otherwise the text will be considered plagiarized.
  8. Writing an essay conclusion show practical significance of the problem, summarize your main ideas, and restate thesis statement.

Essay is kind of work when the central role plays not the reproduction of fact, but an image of adventure, reflection, and association. Essay writing as the genreĀ  requires not only the ability to demonstrate an amount of knowledge, but also the ability to focus on the student's feelings, experiences, and attitudes. In short, the author of essay is not a teller; he/she is essay's hero. It is typical for essay to pronounce author's position, sincerity, and emotionality. So, while writing English essay your task is to demonstrate your individuality.

Conclusion Writing Help

Essay conclusion writing is your last chance to declare your position. Writing an introduction you have stated a thesis that determined your college essay writing objective. Thus, writing conclusion you should persuade the reader once again that your position is correct one. Writing essay body part you should support all of your ideas with the illustrative material, examples and evidence. Conclusion writing goal is to summarize your main points and to emphasize the most important one. In short, conclusion writing depends on your thesis statement.

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