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Composing Five-Paragraph Research Paper


Research paper can be written in different genres and one of the possible formats is five-paragraph essay.  Custom research paper should contain five paragraphs presented in the following sequence:  introduction, literature review, your investigation, discussion, and conclusion.  The most important issue to keep in mind while writing the five paragraph essay is that each section of your research paper is presented in one paragraph.  The below lesson on how to write a five paragraph essay will help you in developing a good research paper. 

Composing Five-Paragraph Research Paper: Introduction

So, you have the topic, have already researched the issue, found and analyzed the supporting information, and you are ready to start writing the five paragraph essay.  Five paragraph research paper does not follow the standard academic requirements of paragraphing.  In  other types of academic essays each paragraph should be one-third of a page in length and consist of 7-8 sentences.  Requirements for five paragraph essay format are different:  paragraph can be as long as you wish but not longer than two pages.  So, five paragraph essay introduction should contain the topic sentence, inform the reader about the purpose of research, provide short background information on the issue, and shortly overview the expected research results.

Composing Five-Paragraph Research Paper: Body Paragraphs

While writing the five paragraph essay of research type, the paper body will consist of literature review, study, and discussion sections.  Try to keep literature review as short as possible, however, keep the paragraph length depends on the topic broadness.  For example, if you are writing a computer ethics research paper, it is enough to cover only five reliable publications.  Study section is the paragraph devoted to your own investigation.  In most cases, the purpose of research paper writing is not to provide the literature overview, but rather to show your ability to conduct your own studies.  For example, you may develop a questionnaire and collect primary information through interviews.  We strongly advise you to consult your tutor regarding primary information collection tools.  Discussion paragraph of five paragraph research paper should be devoted to your thoughts about the conducted research and be related to the literature review presented in the second paragraph.

Composing Five-Paragraph Research Paper: Conclusion

Conclusion is the easiest section to write because all you have to do is to sum up the findings and provide the recommendation for further research.  In particular, you have to show whether the research has met the objectives set in introductory paragraph.  Do not forget to proofread five paragraph research paper and correct all grammar, style, and punctuation mistakes.  Moreover, double-check the references list:  have you cited used sources in proper referencing style? 

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