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Comparison and Contrast Essay


It is easy to write a comparison and contrast essay because all you need to do is to analyze differences and similarities of the two things (books, people, ideas, etc).  Anything around us can be compared because there are no two identical things (we are not talking about products of the same brand!).  Comparison and contrast is descriptive essay writing, however, you need to focus on analysis.  Avoid providing a mere overview of characteristics, show why two things are different. 

Comparison Essay Topics

If you are not given a topic and it is up to you to choose anything to write a comparison and contrast essay, make sure you select things that can be compared.  For example, it would not be fair to compare education in rural African country and education in France.  The reader already knows that education system in France is more advance than education system in rural African country. You need to follow analytical essay format:  write down five points of difference and five points of similarities.  Pay attention to essay structure required by tutor - you may be required to focus on similarities only.  In any case, never divide essay into two parts, you need to produce a coherent piece of writing.

Essay Comparison and Contrast

You should always have a good reason in mind why to compare to things.  For example, why do you compare a book and a movie based on it?  What points of difference can you find?  You need to provide an insight on movie and book, try to discover elements which are not noticeable from the first glance.  Comparison and Contrast Essay can contain your preference for one element.  For example, you liked movie more.  Show the reader why you liked it more, provide examples.

The golden rule of comparison and contrast essay writing is coherency of all points.  Take two elements of comparison and draw a line between them.  Is the connection clear?  Have you managed to convey this connection in your essay?  You cannot produce a good paper based only on your experience and knowledge.  Therefore, you will use secondary publications.  Make sure to reference all of the sources used to essay completion.

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