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Communication Essay


It is always a good idea to begin your communication essay with a definition of what communication is. Communication has been defined as an active two way process between the sender and the receiver. It could be an oral message that would require the receiver to listen; or it could be a written message that would require the receiver to read and understand.

Communication skills

Writing, reading speaking as well as listening as well as understanding the message that has been sent are therefore vital communication skills that your communication essay should touch upon. While writing a communication essay therefore you should keep in mind that your communication essay can touch on different aspects of communication such as:

  • Communication within a team
  • Communication that is interpersonal-a communication essay on this topic should focus on the relationships between two communicators.
  • Communication that is impersonal and relayed through the newspaper or TV
  • Advertising communication that is geared to target potential customers in order to inform them of a product’s USP and benefits
  • An essay on listening, reading and writing communication skills
  • Communication to step up public relations
  • Effective communication between teachers and students.

No matter which kind of communication essay you are embarking on you should keep the area of your discussion in mind. The text of your copy should be relevant to the chosen topic of your communication essay.

The medium is the message

Writing an essay is also a form of communication so make sure that your communication essay is clearly written in simple and direct language. Avoid rambling on or communicating too many ideas in a single paragraph since effective communication requires the use of simple and clear sentences.

Have a clear plan or structure in mind before you begin and avoid beating around the bush. Start with an interesting and arresting introduction that is verified through subsequent paragraphs-(by elaborating on a point each.)

The introductory paragraph should zero in on the precise area that your communication essay is going to touch on-with a clear and compact thesis statement that is around a sentence in length. This should let the reader know the main stand of your essay on communication. End with a conclusion that sums up the main findings or elements of your argument while reaffirming your thesis statement.

Keep the above points in mind while writing an unforgettable communication essay.

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