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Cold War History Essay


If you have received the custom assignment to write an essay on American history, but do not know which topic to select, we will find this article useful.

History topics require descriptive essay writing - you need to describe and evaluate different events, actions of leaders, and long-term impact of agreements.  We advise you to focus on recent American history because you will find more information on recent events.  For example, you may write about Helsinki Accords, NY bankruptcy in 1975, election of Carter, Salt II agreement, Seizure of US hostages by Iran (1980), assassination attempt in Reagan, election of the first woman to supreme court (1981), shuttle Challenger explodes (1986), confrontation in Waco (1993), Mexico bailout (1995), Embassy bombing (1997), tax cut passed (2001), bankruptcy of United Airlines (2002), Hispanic mayor in LA (2005), Hurricane Katrina in Gulf Coast (2005), etc.  Do not write about events of September 11 - to much has already been written on this topic.

If you want to focus on events of earlier American history, you can conduct a research on the following topics:  Salem Witch Trial, French War (1754), Bloody Massacre (1770), Boston Tea Party (1773), American Revolution (1775), Slavery made illegal (1804), Turner's Rebellion (1831), Monroe Doctrine (1823), Mexican-American War (1848), Seneca Falls Convention (1848), Civil War (1861), Panama Canal construction (1879), invention of airplane (1903), first movie played (1903), foundation of NAACP (1909), sinking of Titanic (1912), setting of the first radio station (1920), 19th amendment (1920), formation of NATO (1949), death sentence to Ethel Rosenberg for selling atomic secrets to Soviet Union (1951), school desegregation order by Supreme Court (1954), Civil Rights laws (1964), assassination of Martin Luther King (1968), Cuban Missile Crisis (1968), discovery of AIDS virus (1984), cloning of first human embryo (1999), end of Cold War (1991), first personal computer launch (1981).  Any of the above topic can be sufficiently researched.

Two of the most commonly assigned history essay topics are cold war history essay and history of patriotic act essay.  There is wealth of information on both topics, however, avoid producing a research essay based on literature review only.  Tutor expects to read your own thoughts, ideas, and opinion based on what you read.  While reading articles, make notes and write down your thoughts.  The essay writing process can be divided into four simple steps:  thesis development, outline creation, first draft writing, and essay editing.  Make sure to devote enough time to every step.

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