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Cheap Essays


It is possible to buy cheap essays on the net for as little as $ 5 to $8 per page. But it may not be such a good idea to go for such cheap essays as they may end up costing you dear in terms of quality as well as credibility. If the cost of cheap essays seems to be too good to be true-that is precisely what they can turn out to be.

Disadvantages of cheap essays

It is very likely that the cheaper the essay the poorer will be its quality. This is because qualified writers come at a price and so it is more than likely that the sites that are dangling the carrot of cheap essays are actually offering writing that is not 100% original; or they may be offering essays that are written by college students who are trying to earn some extra money. These unqualified writers are willing to work for a lower fee but the cheap essays they write are more likely to be written in bad English with poor spelling and a number of grammatical errors.

Cheap essays are also most likely to ignore the instructions of your professor since they have a, 'one size fits all' approach. It is quite likely that the unqualified writers these sites employ lack the educational qualifications to write a good academic essay. Such writers may skip through much of the required research and may not be aware of proper referencing styles.

Cheap essays also carry the very real risk of plagiarized essays that can land you in a proper soup. It is always a good idea to try and access a site that offers a free plagiarism report or you may end up with cheap essays that cost you dearly and adversely affect your term performance.

Instead of looking for cheap essays online you would do far better to write your own essay. This will enhance your writing skills as well as help you to develop your analytical ability. Remember that even if you are not an expert essay writer-practice does make perfect and once you learn the ropes- you can start to write your own essays with confidence- instead of compromising your grades by buying cheap essays on the net.

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