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How to Write a Good Essay


Essay, as types of written work, have their own tradition of writing. They vary depending on the writing objectives or educational institutions; nevertheless, they are more or less identical in structure and essay writing process. Essay is usually a short work. The average volume of the college essays is from three to seven pages of body text. Be sure that your tutor will definitely specify the exact number of pages you have to submit.

Start writing college critical essay with the main idea or colorful phrase. The aim is to capture the attention of the reader immediately from the first lines. It is advisable to use comparative allegory when unexpected fact or event is associated with the main idea of the essay. Essay can not contain many topics, or ideas (thoughts). It should reflect only one variant, one idea, and it is your responsibility to develop it. Writing is a response to a question. Try to respond to stated question clearly and don't go away from the essay topic: the text of the good college essays must be attractive, dynamic and contain some new or curious information for the reader. Behind the text of an essay, the reader must constantly feel, "see" the author and his position.

The second step of writing essays is literate placing of emphasis. One of the first elements to keep in mind is explaining the reasons of writing essay. Why this subject is of interest to you? Why should it be interesting for the reader? The next point of attracting the reader's attention is indication of short-term and long-term objectives related to the development of essay topics. While writing an essay it is a good idea to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the topic. In the basis of any essay writing is the uniqueness of author's identity and expression of ideas. English essay writing is strictly individual work and brooks no co-authorship. Essay writer is always easily identifiable by style, dynamics and originality of the custom writing.

Essay Writing

Some recommendations for good essay writing:

  • Among different essay topics choose the one that interests you the most.
  • Don't let anybody to write your college essay.
  • Prior to writing make essay outline. It significantly facilitates college essay writing.
  • Writing an essay, don't go away from the topic.
  • Write in the way that differs you from others.
  • Less discussion more argumentation.
  • Be honest in your thoughts.
  • Follow essay format specified by the tutor.

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