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Cause and Effect Essay Format


Cause and effect essay format should meet the academic requirements specified by the tutor.  In addition to standard format (introduction, body, conclusion, and references), critical essay body can follow one of the following structures:

  1. reason one - outcome, reason two - outcome, reason three - outcome
  2. reason one - outcome one, reason two - outcome two, reason three - outcome three
  3. outcome one - reason, outcome two - reason, outcome three - reason

The choice of topic depends on cause and effect essay requirements.  For example, if you writing about reasons of American Civil War, you can follow the first format (provide three reasons leading to one result - war).  If you are writing about Industrial Revolution, you may follow the second format (three reasons and three related results of Industrial Revolution).  Thus, cause and effect essay topic determines the choice of format.

ause and Effect Essay Topics

If you are not given the specific topic to cover, you are welcome to choose one of the following topics:  analyze the causes of high dropout rate in specific university, explain the outcomes of environmental pollution, tell why you like your friend, write about the popularity of fast food restaurants, tell why you do not like a specific movie, analyze your interest in specific sport, research the commercial's impact on buying decision, etc.  Paper can be written about anything around us because every single event is the result of something. 

ause and Effect Essay Introduction

Cause and effect essay writing starts with development of outline, not with writing an introduction.  Moreover, introduction is written last, when the whole paper is completed.  Introductory part should introduce the reader to the topic, give him clear idea about the purpose of writing, inform about the effect or cause you are investigating. In addition, you should provide a very short overview of main points.  Such words as because and that is why have to be used throughout the essay. You should include a good concise thesis statement. 

ause and Effect Essay Body

Essay body is a detailed thorough analysis of reasons and outcomes.  A separate paragraph should be devoted to each reason and outcome. You need to decide on the writing sequence:  from the least obvious point to the most obvious, from the most important to the least important, or any other format you prefer.  Do not jump from one idea to another, add logical transitions between the paragraphs and explore each claim thoroughly.  Creating a list of ideas is not the best essay presentation.  Stay focused on the topic.  For example, if you are writing cause and effect essay about reasons of sunburn, do not write about the harm of sunburn, focus only on its causes.  Order cause and effect essay writing assistance at and we will produce a good essay for you within the specified time frame. If we fail to deliver the competed essay prior to deadline, we guarantee 100% refund! 

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