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Business Essay


Before you are going to start writing essay on business you should remember that you need to do a thorough research. The main work for you is to find necessary information for your essay. Business essay topics are diverse and your essay should contain not only text but also some figures, even though it depends on the topic you choose.

Business essay writing tips

Your business essay can be written on different topics, because nowadays we can find business almost in all spheres of life. Any information about sales, marketing, productions can be taken for your essay. You should choose a certain theme, find information, analyze it properly, organize you ideas, and make detailed plan.

The introductory paragraph of your business essay must be interesting.  In the introduction of the essay try to attract attention of the reader by means of showing some problems and ways of solving them, explain why it is important and worthy of discussion.   For example, in such essay as 'Business and our way of life' with the focus on airline industry, you can raise problems of safety of the employees and their families, the safety of employees who are traveling; discuss safety issues of customers and partners, problems of the security in international operations.

Business essay topics

The other theme which is very relevant nowadays is 'Employment opportunity and discrimination'. This problem exists in every country and the issue of discrimination is very important in modern society. All employers are required to create a workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment. Problems arise every day between business owners and their employees. Most concerns between employers and employees relate to issues such as wages, awards and agreements. While there are many ways to resolve conflicts, most problems can be resolved through simple discussion and common sense between the parties. In your business essay, you are welcome to analyze any aspect of this topic.  Keep in mind that you need to stay focused on the topic and include only relevant information.

If you need to use some figures and data, you are encouraged to select one or two developed country and compare their economic indicators. The following thesis can be researched:  the difference between, for example, British and American economics, both in content and in the practice of the profession; and the interrelationships between economic ideas, events or conditions.  Essay writing is not about enumerating problems, but about analyzing them.  Try to describe problems, give details, and some examples. These details and examples enable you to show why these problems are important.

Conclusion is the final step of your essay writing. Avoid making the conclusion too long. An effective conclusion should be straight and to-the-point. At the end, you may write down some memorable thought, perhaps a quotation. This part of your essay must be brief; readers know what they've just read. Avoid phrases like "in conclusion," "to conclude," "in summary," Simply review the main points or briefly describe your feelings about the topic. One paragraph is sufficient. It should be no longer than four or five sentences.

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