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Business Dissertation Tips


When you are assigned to write a business dissertation, you may find yourself bumbling along because you just do not know how to get started. Well, in this paper you will find some useful tips to help you start work.

  1. Choose a topic of your business dissertation.

It will be quite easy if you are interested in a particular aspect of your business course. Still, you will have to conduct a basic review of literature to check whether your topic has not been covered by another writer. To make sure that your topic is appropriate, consult your supervisor. As far as you know, duplicating someone else’s research you may lose valuable marks, so do your best to avoid it from the very beginning. If you think that you have finally found the topic that is interesting for you and new, it is very important to find a tutor who would be ready to supervise your work. After you have chosen your topic, develop a working title for your business dissertation.

  1. Write a timetable and a research plan

Take a large sheet of paper and draw your timetable, i.e. your university classes, part-time job and social activities. Mark the periods of time that can be devoted to writing your business dissertation. Plan your interim deadlines for you to be ready by the final deadline.

  1. Prepare an outline of what you are planning to do, write down a list of resources that you think will be appropriate.

Then it is high time to think about methodology, decide whether you will use a survey or a case study. In case if you resolve to conduct a survey, choose your target group and decide in what way you will ask them. Identify the statistical techniques which you will utilize to analyze your data.

  1. Get your data

If you have decided to conduct a survey, remember about your timetable. Try to sound open and encouraging to make people answer you sincerely and eagerly.

  1. Present the results

After your data is prepared, make sure it is appropriately noted down and analyzed. If data analyzing presents ay difficulties, address your supervisor for help.

  1. Write down your business dissertation

When you have your findings ready in front of you, start preparing a draft of your dissertation. Mind your language as you write, use the third person, make sure it is grammatically correct.

Well, now you have a general idea of writing a business dissertation, it will be easy for you to get started.

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