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Book Review Analysis


Most people consider book analysis to be a hard task, since the writer has to express his thoughts correctly, be able to analyze, be consistent, etc. Of course, practice makes perfect, but there are methods with the help of which you will master book analysis. For instance, you could start with writing book review analysis.

Performing the book review analysis, you broaden the mind, enrich the language, and learn modalities from your experienced colleagues. Moreover finding and correcting their mistakes, you will manage to prevent yourself from making them.

Book Review Analysis: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Performing the book review analysis you are supposed to find mistakes and inaccuracies made by a reviewer. After that you define if you agree or disagree with the content of the book review and explain reasons for that. To help you to write the book review analysis, consider three common mistakes in book reviews:

  1. Retelling the text. Retelling the text in reviewer’s own words means that the analysis of the book, reviewer’s thoughts, and his personal opinion are absent. The value of such book review is null, and there is not much to analyze.
  2. No critical analysis. If the reviewer did not introduce critical analysis into his book review, then it is an opinion on the book rather than the book review. In this case he is explaining his attitude (like or dislike), and again there is not much to analyze, since the whole book review is subjective.
  3. Poor logic. The author of the book review is inconsistent in his thoughts and opinions or makes incorrect conclusions. In such situation the book review is unintelligible. Thus the book review analysis can not be performed: it is impossible to write about something you did not understand.

The list of mistakes is wider, of course, but we looked at the main ones. If you narrow the book review analysis only to finding mistakes, do not expect anything much of it. Above all you have to think over and analyze the information yourself and verify the argumentation of the reviewer.

Secret Advice…

Finding and comparing different reviews on the same book is another recommendation that will help you to write outstanding book summary and analysis. Mind that if you find any of three abovementioned mistakes in the book review, it can be hardly called a review, as a general rule they are frivolous. Practicing book review analysis you will be able to define the value of the review at a glance and write your own perfect book reviews at ease.

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