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Bibliography Format


Bibliography writing is an obligatory section of research paper writing .  You have to reference the sources you have used to create the paper.  The journal articles, books, publications, and online resources you consulted or quoted, have to appear on the list at the end of the paper as well as be cited in-text.  While reading the sources, take notes including the last name of the author and the page number where the idea is presented.  Making notes will help you to build a bibliography and ensure that all used materials are fully referenced.

Bibliography Formats

There are many different bibliography formats and you tutor will specify which referencing style to follow.  For example, you may be required to format bibliography list in accordance to APA or MLA style.  Be attentive to follow the exact format specified by the tutor.  APA style, in particular, does not require including page numbers while citing in text, while MLA style requires the page number specification.

APA Bibliography Format

Here is the example of book reference (bibliography entry) in accordance to APA style

Kennedy, M.  (2005).  Indonesia:  ancient history.  New York:  Rutledge Publication.

While writing a bibliography APA format you have to include the following elements:  last name of the author, year of publication, work title, place of publication, and publisher.  While creating an entry for the online source, include the author's name, article title, title of the site, date of online publication, date of access, and url.

MLA Bibliography Format

MLA bibliography format is different from APA style:  it does not allow the usage of abridgements.  MLA bibliography entry for a book:

Kennedy, Michael.  Indonesia:  ancient history.  New York:  Rutledge Publication, 2005.

While following MLA style, make sure to include the full name of the author(s), title of the article (book), place of publication, publisher, and year of publication.  While citing in text, include the page number even if you did not quote but paraphrased or took the author's idea.

Bibliography Format: Tips

  • Always list the full names of all authors and contributors
  • If there are several places of publication, entry should list the first mentioned city
  • Be careful with underlining, italicizing and using quotation marts for titles, MLA and APA have different requirements
  • Each entry should contain the date of publication (date of access for online resources)
  • Each sources listed in works cited must appear someone in text
  • Use bibliography template to ensure that you follow style requirements

If you feel lost in the details of each style's requirements, do not panic and ask our writers for assistance.  They will help you to create the bibliography list in accordance to any referencing style, make sure that the sources are cited in text, and list is properly formatted.  Bibliography page is delivered for free along with every custom paper we write.  Formatting and revisions are also free of charge.  Order bibliography writing service at our site and get a perfect bibliography list for free!

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