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Argumentative Essay Outline


While writing an argumentative essay, think about your audience, analyze the issue, develop good thesis, present arguments, and anticipate and respond to objections.  It is vital to create an argumentative essay outline and use proper argumentative essay structure.

Argumentative Essay Outline Structure

Pick the topic which is interesting to modern audience and is highly debated in society.  We do not advise you to write argumentative essay about the old topics.  You can write about anything, but keep in mind that the topic you select has to be controversial.  It is better to formulate the argumentative essay topic in question form.  While presenting argumentation, be honest and include only the strongest arguments. Your paper should contain objections as well because not everybody will agree with you.  Objections should be analyzed and responded to.  The purpose of writing is to show the reader that your point of view is more logical.

Argumentative Essay Outline Tips

The following elements should be included in your argumentative essay outline

  • Introduction (one paragraph informing the reader about the controversial topic and stating your position on it.  You may include brief background information on the issue and you have to present the clear thesis statement)
  • Argumentation (the major part of paper must be devoted to supporting arguments.  Make each argument clear and logical, the reader has to see why do you believe in your position being right)
  • Counter-arguments (briefly overview counterarguments and respond to them. Make your writing appealing to people who strongly disagree with you.  If you cannot persuade the reader that your position is right, you should at least make him reconsider his position)
  • Conclusion (should be a short restatement of the thesis and a brief overview of the main arguments) 

 Argumentative Essay Outline Writing

Outline is not merely the list of the main points to be discussed.  If you are not required to submit an outline, you still have to create it.  Argumentative essay outline can include the issue statement (explain the topic in a couple of sentences), thesis statement (one sentence), counterarguments (two or three counterarguments would be enough), supporting arguments (three to five supportive arguments), list of topics relevant to research, and list of the sources you plan to use.

Argumentative Essay Outline: How to Write?

Below you can see outline structure. 

  1. essay introduction
    1. basic information on the topic
    2. thesis statement
  2. supportive arguments
    1. argument one (two paragraphs)
    2. argument two (two paragraphs)
    3. argument three (two paragraphs)
  3.  counterarguments
    1. mention some of the counterarguments
    2. briefly respond to counterarguments
  4. essay conclusion

Argumentative Essay Outline Help

Keep in mind that that major part of your argumentative essay should be devoted to your arguments.  Do not just state that your oppose legalization of marijuana because it is a drug.  Explain your view is detail and use evidence from secondary sources to support your argument.  Argumentative paper section on counterarguments can be placed either right after introduction or before the conclusion section. 

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