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Argumentative Essay Ideas


Prior to writing an argumentative essay, you need to decide on the specific topic for your project. While it may sound as an easy task, it is not such in fact. This article is written with the hope to give you some interesting and relevant argumentative essay ideas for argumentative/persuasive essay writing.

In addition, you should take into account that argumentative essay ideas or topics should be interesting and not overused by students. For example, gay rights to adoption, abortion, death penalty, and marijuana legalization are the topics which have been researched too many times. You will not be able to say anything new on these topics. Therefore, you need to generate new essay ideas for your paper.

Argumentative Essay Ideas: Statement

Argumentative essay idea should be expressed in a single thesis statement which is the key idea of the whole writing. You need to have a clear understanding of the topic as well as purpose of your argumentative essay writing. The thesis statement is the assumption which summarizes the importance of your idea. Keep in mind that your task is to gain the attention of the readers. Doesn’t sound like an easy task, does it?

Argumentative Essay Ideas: Arguments

The main body of your writing should be devoted to the exploration of the argumentative essay ideas in depth.  You need to show why your statement is valid one. The best strategy to achieve this result is to refer to reliable sources, supporting articles, and publications on the topic. For example, you may include statistical data, graphs, tables, and diagrams to exemplify your ideas.

Argumentative Essay Ideas: Opposing Views

It is important to devote your attention to the existing opposing views on the topic. It would be arrogance to ignore the existence of the opposing opinions on your idea as people tend to have different beliefs and thoughts on the same issues. Therefore, devote a paragraph or two to presenting existing opposing views and, most importantly, try to show why those views are wrong.

Argumentative Essay Ideas:  Topics to Consider

  1. Domestic violence: myth or real problem
  2. Dependence on computers: tragedy or inevitable reality
  3. Commercialism in the Internet
  4. Communication via technologies vs. face-to-face talks
  5. Animals in scientific research and experiments

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