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Argumentation Persuasion Essay


You have to write an argumentation persuasion essay but you are bewildered about what to do. You may be surprised but the answer for your question is very simple – sit down and write!

Do not be afraid!

An argumentation persuasion essay does not mean some kind of test that professor gives you in order to show that you are a bad student and cannot cope with such a task. On the contrary, argumentation persuasion essay is a good opportunity to demonstrate your advantages. You may show not only the opportunity to study the issue, to find any necessary information, to think over the problems concerned, but also to give arguments, to prove your position, to convince others that your viewpoint is right. There is an important thing you should remember – do not be afraid to express your opinion and, moreover, to convince others!

Argumentation Persuasion Essay: Art of Persuasion

You may have a great number of opponents who believe you are wrong. But if you are sure that you are right, never renounce your thoughts only because you are the only one who has such position. Maybe, you are the only person who is right! Do you remember such people as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein? Each of them was alone in his theories. No one believed them. But they knew that they were right and they did not give up. They prove their position over and over again. What was then, later? The time showed they were really right. One should underline that there was a great number of such prominent people in our history. So, be persistent!

Argumentation persuasion essay: preparation for the writing

First of all, pay attention to the choice of an argumentation persuasion essay topic. Bear in mind that it should be a disputable topic. In this case while gathering information concerning the problem you may study different viewpoints of many other people, in particular famous ones: politicians, actors, prominent scientists. The topic should be interesting for you. That will help you to study the issue properly and express your thoughts about it. When you decide what problem you want to study try to find information necessary for the writing of your argumentation persuasion essay. It may be some interesting facts, different examples, quotations. After that you should study all this information properly and try to answer the following question: what is your attitude to the problem?

These actions will help you formulate convincing arguments.

While writing your argumentation persuasion essay, first of all, you should describe the problem in general. Try to use that very interesting information you found when preparing. Then you may start presenting your arguments. They should be undeniable as your task is to persuade the reader that your viewpoints are right. It will be only better if you give some opposite opinions and refute them relying on the information you represented at the beginning of your argumentation persuasion essay.

Thus, true information, irrefutable arguments and persistence are 3 components that will help you to write a really good argumentation persuasion essay.

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