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Argument Topics for Essays


The art of argumentation is one more skill you have to acquire at school. That is why you may be frequently assigned to write an argument essay. No doubts, essay writing can be much challenging to a writer but still, sometimes it is much harder to choose a topic itself. So, if it is challenging for you to decide on the topic for your argument essay, welcome!

Usually, teachers provide students with a list of argumentative essay topics. In this case students have to select the one they like most of all. But sometimes students may also be given the freedom in choosing any argument topic for essays they are interested in. On the one hand, you have more opportunities to deal with the most exciting for you argument topics for essays. On the other hand, it may cause some new difficulties as you may not know which one is the best to you.  Here are some useful tips on how to choose argument topics for essays:

Never choose the first topic you see the list of possible argument topics for essays

Some students do not consider it to be important what topic to discuss in their argument essays. Such way of thinking is a delusion indeed. In essay writing each step should be taken consciously, and this especially concerns choosing argument topics for essays.

If you use the Internet to find argument topics for essays, make sure to find debatable and controversial argumentative essay topics.

Controversial topics are the ones that might be discussed from many different perspectives. What is more, there will always be an opinion or point of view that is opposite to the generally accepted one. If the argument topics for essays do not have such characteristics, stay away from them.

Below, the list of the most interesting and controversial argument topics for essays is presented, so, take advantage of it:

  • At what age should teens be allowed to date?
  • Should gay/lesbian couples be allowed to marry?
  • Are there any benefits to attending single-sex schools?
  • Is competition at school a good idea?
  • Do you agree that boredom causes troubles?
  • Is religion capable of causing war?
  • Is fashion important?
  • Do you find it to be a good idea for students to grade their teachers?
  • Is college admission too competitive?

 Take the information presented above into consideration, and you are sure to make the right choice of the topic for your argument essay. If you need individual help with your argument essay writing, do not hesitate to try our custom writing services online!

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