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Argument Essay Writing


Argument essay writing, five paragraph essay in particular, can be written following the below pattern:  read the question (decide on the structure), underline key word in a question, generate ideas (write down all ideas you have on the topic, consider both sides of the argument), decide on essay layout (number of total pages divided into seven sections:  introduction, conclusion, and five body paragraphs, for example), and create an outline.  This is a good preparation method which has proved to be highly effective and helps to save a lot of time. 

Argument Essay Topics

Choosing interesting argument essay topics or persuasive essay topics has always been a challenge for students - you should not select the topic which is too wide or too narrow.  At the same time, the topic has to be relevant to your field of study and be interesting to you.  Keep in mind that argument essay writing is about persuading the reader to accept your point of view, therefore, you have to possess deep understanding of the topic you choose.  Your goal is to reach a persuasive logical conclusion and provide answers to major counter-arguments.

Argumentative Essay Writing

Never select a fact as a basis of your argument essay.  Why?  Because facts cannot be argued.  For example, writing an argument essay about life on moon or God would be a failure.  If you want to write on Berlin being a capital of Germany, you will not find an argument in this topic because there is no alternative point, it is a fact.  The most successful topics are complex, when you are not sure in your point of view, and when you can think of at least two counter-arguments. 

Good argument essay topics empower in-depth research and deductive/inductive reasoning.  For example, the claim that Mexico is a poor country, gives you an opportunity to develop your own definition of poverty, to conduct a thorough research on the country, to compare your findings for different countries, and to analyze your own reasoning.  Citizens of Nigeria might think that Mexico is rich, while French might perceive Mexico as poor.  There are numerous directions you can take if this topic is chosen.  Even the most trivial topics can be turned into powerful argument.  For example, writing about Hamlet as insane person, gives you an opportunity to research the play itself, to pay analyze literal elements, to read criticism and commentaries of scholars.  Evidence is the key word to keep in mind while writing argument essay.  You need to be able to support your point of view with reliable information, you cannot rely on your personal opinion only because you may not be an expert in the chosen field of research. provides college and university students with custom essay service. We guarantee high level of quality because our writers are educated, experienced, and always follow your instruction.  We guarantee timely delivery even of the most urgent orders (written in less than 8 hours) and provide full refunds if paper was not delivered prior to deadline. We value your time and understand how important deadline is to you.

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