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APA Bibliography Format


If you are required to arrange resources used for essay writing in APA bibliography format, you need to provide the following information:  last name of the author, date of publication, full title, and place of publication.  APA bibliography list should be placed on the last page of research paper and arranged in alphabetical order.  Bibliography list should be titled 'References'.  Unlike MLA and Turabian bibliography formats, apa bibliography format requires usage of author's last name only, while first and middle names are presented with initials only.

APA Bibliography Format Examples

While referencing a book in apa style bibliography, follow the below example:

Last name, First initial. (Year of Publication).  Book title.  Place of Publication:  Publisher.  APA bibliography sample (book) :  Brodery, R. (2007).  How to create APA style bibliography. London:  United Press. 

While referencing an article in a journal, follow the below example:

Last name, First initial.  (Year of Publication).  Article title.  Journal Title, Volume, pages.  APA bibliography sample (journal article): Hamilton, M. (1999).  APA Annotated Bibliography Format.  Journal of Academic Writing, 22, 12-15.

While referencing an article in a newspaper, follow the below example:

Last name, First initial.  (Year, Month Day).  Article title.  Newspaper Title, pages.  APA bibliography sample (newspaper article):  Black, N.  (2003, May 12).  How to write a bibliography.  New York Times, p. A2.

APA Bibliography Format: List

In most cases, it is impossible to write a good essay without conducting a research and using secondary information.  Thus, you cannot avoid creating a bibliography list.  Keep in mind that failure to reference the used information properly leads to plagiarism!  Thus, be very attentive to follow all referencing requirements and format bibliography list in accordance to the style required by tutor!

APA Bibliography Format: In-text Citations

If you have included an article or a book into bibliography list, it has to appear somewhere in text.  APA referencing style requires usage of in-text citations.  If you quote directly, follow this example:  Last name, year, page number.  Sample:  Nickson, 2007, p. 14.  If you paraphrase, follow the following example:  Last name, year.  Sample: Nickson, 2007.  Pay attention that you do not have to include a page number when you paraphrase.

There are different types of sources you could use for writing a research paper.  These include books, journal articles, interviews, online databases, online publications, reports, surveys, magazines, and journals.  Of course, sometimes there are no page numbers available or the name of the author is not given.  You may feel lost in all of peculiarities of APA style bibliography. Ordering custom essay writing assistance at our site, you get bibliography list formatted in APA style for free!  Do not waste your valuable time reading manuals on referencing, order custom essay and get help by professional essay writers!

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