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Annotated Bibliography Writing


Annotated bibliography is not the same as the list of sources (books, articles or other publications) used for the paper completion.  Annotative list must consist of the descriptive as well as evaluative comments.  Writing annotated bibliography is the complex assignment requiring full concentration of the student.  Each entry, annotation,  should be no more than 3-5 sentences (less than 100 words), however, it should provide the reader with the critical information and set the foundation for the whole paper.

Annotated Bibliography Writing: How to Write

What is annotated bibliography?  Annotated bibliography references cited sources followed by the annotation of each entry. It is like the short summary of each source as well as the evaluation of its relevance to the overall research.  Please note, annotation can either be the part of the research paper writing or be the separate project.

Annotative bibliography writing must include the following stages: 

  1. Selection of the sources type to be used
  2. The retrieval of the sources
  3. Evaluation of the sources (make notes, write down your impressions)
  4. Writing an annotation for each source (make sure to follow the proper style) 

Annotated Bibliography Writing: MLA

The purpose of annotated bibliography writing is to illustrate the important of an article, for example, for your research.  If you are required to compose annotated bibliography MLA format, you need to include the explanation of the source's purpose, briefly summarize the text, outline the author's argument.  In addition, you should cover any bias in the source, evaluate the source's contribution to the research, and include your own impression of the publication.

Annotation is a short review of the available literature on the topic chosen for the research.  While writing an annotated bibliography, you should illustrate the depth of the research you are doing, provide examples of the sources published on the topic, and explore the topic for the further research.

Annotated Bibliography Writing: APA

Peterson, J. (2005).  European politics in the 21st century.  New York:  Lawrence Press.

Peterson explores the key factors determining the direction of political development in the 21st century.  His arguments are based on the factual information collected both from primary and secondary sources.  He also compares the recent trends in political life with the different historical periods. This book is very useful for writing a research paper on modern European politics.

Annotative bibliography is not the same as abstract, however, you need to include the main point of the source.  Typically, you need to include the thesis or hypothesis of the consulted source and evaluate whether the author has managed/failed to prove it.  Keep in mind, annotated bibliography is not merely a summary of the content, it must be evaluative.  You need? to inform your reader why the source is valuable for your research paper writing. 

Your tutor might give you the overall direction for annotative bibliography writing, however, it is your responsibility to find the sources, to read and to analyze them.  If you are not sure in your ability to create the annotated bibliography in accordance to all rules and format requirements, order bibliography writing at our site and our professional writers will deliver original bibliography for you! if your personal tutor!  Our writers will conduct the research, analyze and evaluate the publications, and create the final draft of your annotated bibliography.

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