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Analytical Essay Prompts


Analytical essay should improve your knowledge or understanding of the topic.  As an analytical essay writer, you have to investigate the issue, emphasize 'how' rather than 'what', focus on the topic rather than on your point of view, discuss different aspects of analytical essay topic, and make your arguments clear and logical.  Paper should contain introduction and conclusion.  Be sure to use transition words and phrases, it helps the reader to follow your thinking. 

Analytical Essay Prompts: Writing

You have to develop the title first.  Topic is not the title!  For example, if your analytical essay is about the changes in public opinion towards abortions, the title cannot be 'Abortions'!  Title should help the reader to understand the main idea of your writing, your major argument.  The opening section of analytical essay should set a foundation for discussion.  You may provide some background information on the topic, state the thesis, and identify the publications you will analyze.  Discussion section should be devoted to thorough analysis rather than summary, you may use quotations (with explanations). Conclusion should be the logical result of your discuss.

Analytical Essay Prompts: Outline

Well, even if you are not required to submit analytical essay outline, you still have to write it.  Why?  Because outline helps to structure your paper and to decide on the writing process.  Do not be concerned with the outline format, just write down your topic, thesis statement, and list of ideas.  Then, think about the importance (relevance) of each idea and decide on the sequence of presentation (which idea to be discussed first and which last). Table of contents points should be made into separate paragraphs. Keep in mind that each paragraph should have clear topic sentence and contribute to the discussion.  Analysis is what you have to provide!  Critical essay is not informative or persuasive type of writing, you have to include evidence and discuss it. 

Analytical Essay Prompts: Tips

For every argument you make, for every idea you raise, always state the reason why you think so and provide the supportive information!  It is not the personal statement or informative piece of writing, you have to provide detailed analysis of your topic.  Do not use strong vocabulary, it distracts from topic. Be very attentive with grammar, sentence structure, and diction.  If you have generated excellent deep ideas but failed to express them logically, you will lose points.  Analytical essay is more than description or list of observations made by other researchers. You have to examine your own arguments and offer analysis considering different claims.

Analytical Essay Custom Writing

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