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Analytical Essay Outline


There are different types of essay. Some of them are probably your favorite ones, and others may be something that you really hate to do. Still, you cannot but try to accomplish the task as good as you can. We do not know whether you like or hate analytical essay writing but are eager to help you cope with the task successfully. In this article, you will find a comprehensive analytical essay outline. It will help to make your writing logical and clear to the reader.

Analytical Essay Outline Tips

First of all, let us say that an analytical essay outline is the basis of your paper without which you have little chances to succeed. When making an analytical essay outline, you arrange your thoughts and ideas in a logical order. Each time you do and re-do your analytical essay outline, you discover some new and important detail about the topic that is also extremely important for you.

Secondly, keep in mind that the analytical essay outline should be formed on the basis of your teacher’s requirements for the structure. You cannot include a “Methodology” part into your analytical essay outline if it is not required for analytical essays.

Thirdly, you have to be extremely careful when producing your analytical essay outline and use legible handwriting. It seems there is nothing worse than opening the notes on your analytical essay outline and be not able to read them. The analytical essay outline is done for you, not for your teacher!

Analytical Essay Outline Items

Finally, let us present you some possible items of the analytical essay outline:

  1. Introduction – brief explanation of what you are going to analyze and why the topic needs to be analyzed; setting a hypothesis;
  2. Main Body – the part that serves to support your hypothesis; here you should analyze different approaches to the topic and prove that your hypothesis is accurate:
  • Argument 1. Example;
  • Argument 2. Example;
  • Argument 3. Example.
  1. Conclusion – what you have come up to after having analyzed the question deeply.

You can also make more notes by each of your outline items. However, if you do not want to make your analytical essay outline in the form of a plan, you are free to choose any form you like, for example, a table, scheme, diagram, etc.

You can also show your analytical essay outline to the teacher in order to get approval from him/her, thus, to make sure you are not doing a vain work.

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