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Analytical and Critical Essays


The major purpose of writing critical literary essay is to examine writer’s ideas and responses to the reading done. When writing analytical and critical essays, students have to gather information central to the problem under discussion.

Primarily, analytical and critical essays not only focus on the evidences that the writers present in their papers but also discuss the contradictions and viewpoints that are opposite to the writer’s subjective opinion.

Those eager to create analytical and critical essay properly have to include the following elements into their papers:

  • A brief summary of original pieces. This part of analytical and critical essays should introduce the original work under analysis.
  • Your reaction to the reading done. In other words, you have to give your feedback to the reading done. How can you interpret the information found in the book? What conclusions have you made while reading? The answers to these questions should be given in this part of analytical and critical essays.
  • Analysis of your hypotheses. The analysis of explicit and implicit assumptions. In this part of analytical and critical essays, the discussion of warranted and unwarranted assumptions should also be presented.
  • The analysis of hidden arguments. In this part of analytical and critical essays, writers should explain how some of their assumptions create hidden arguments, the arguments that are implied.
  • Analysis of contradictions within the subject. If any viewpoints opposite to your subjective ones exist, you have to explain what this difference lies in.
  • The conclusions on the research done. Without a reasonable conclusion, even the most brilliant writing loses its significance. So, in analytical and critical essays the general conclusions on the research conducted should be presented.

The writing process is always laborious, and an inexperienced writer may easily get confused without proper organization of the writing steps. The tips given below will facilitate much your work and help to improve your writing.

  • Do not postpone the task. With one day at your disposal, it is much harder to make a good piece of work.
  • Provide the reader with analysis, not a summary. Remember, your analytical and critical thinking will be evaluated, not abilities to retell the information.
  • Keep in mind what you aim at. This will help you not deviate from the subject.
  • Use a clear language. Do not write about something you do not completely understand.

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