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Analogy Essays


Have you ever heard about the power of comparison? It is the power you should use in your analogy essays. We compare everything in our daily life all the time. You can mix the notions of a car and a slim girl, a tree and a tall man, a supermarket and an I-have-everything mom and there is a lot of that stuff. You can compare not only people, but also things, buildings, all surrounding us and existing in the world. The main idea in that everything you compare should be united harmonically. So one notion has some features of the other one.

Analogy Essays Topics

You may connect the topic you need discuss in your critical essay with the topic the reader knows better, you must make your auditory feeling home, because you use subjects and objects of the things which are familiar for everybody who deals with your analogy essay. Discussion of the question from the original point of view is based on the observations you make.  Compare the kitten with the kids you see playing in the yard every day, compare day with the light or smile you can meet on the streets in the morning, find some resolutions for the comparison of your friend with historical person due to the same features of character. Use your imagination, because you yourself decide what image you can invent to disclose your topic of analogy essays clearly. You should dare to play with the thoughts and images and maybe you will get the reality covered by the sweet harmonical form of the comparison. But try not to forget one plain aspect of the comparison what is the playfulness of ideas and at the same time the simplicity if mixing images. Connect two notions and relate them to the needed analogy essays.

Analogy Essays Elements

Metaphor and simile are the main characters in the play of the comparison of analogy essays. As the Collins dictionary tells metaphor is “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action that it does not literally denote in order to imply a resemblance, for example he is a lion in battle”. Simile is “a figure of speech that expresses the resemblance of one thing to another of a different category, usually introduced by as or like”. You can use other stylistic devices, but you should not forget about these two. Analogy essays can use the comic effect to keep you audience waiting for the next step of the wit. But do not repeat the comparison too many times due to the proper usage of the effect of the suddenness.

Analogy Essays Help

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