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Admission Essay Topics


While writing an admission essay, you have freedom to choose any topic.  The most common admission essay topics are:  events and achievements which contributed to the self-development, situations in which you assumed significant responsibility, your strengths and weaknesses, working with other people, career aspirations, challenges you faced, academic interests, role model, past experiences, causes of particular university or college choice, and personal information.

Admission Essay Topics: Writing

Keep in mind that you have to produce a short piece of writing.  Do not write about your childhood, focus on the activities for the past five years only.  In particular, your graduate school admission essay should contain school activities, honors, community services, major experiences, offices held, the strongest impressions, and accomplishments related to application. Alternatively, you may include short notices about the people who have motivated you or influenced your life.

College Admission Essay Topics

Whether you are writing a college admission essay or MBA admission essay, you have to tell about yourself.  There are no specific guidelines for successful writing and it is your responsibility to make the personal statement interesting and appealing.  Focus on positive rather than negative experiences.  Good personal statements should emphasize what you have learned or gained from experiences and show your strengths as applicant.

Admission Essay Topics: Tips

Below is the list of helpful tips on graduate school admission essay writing:

  • Why are you interesting in attention the college? (be specific and to the point)
  • Follow the directions (if you are required to submit a paper with less than 700 words, do not write 1000)
  • Focus on specific features of institution
  • Maintain positive tone (do not write that you apply to this college because you will not have to take psychology classes) 
  • Emphasize what you have already learned
  • Answer the questions directly and be creative
  • Persuade the reader that you deserve application

Admission Essay Topics: Things to Include

Admission essay can contain information about something you admire, you have read, your purpose of attending the chosen school, career and personal goals, and your meaningful experience.  For example, if you want to add a section devoted to the person you admire, do not write about Mother Teresa or your father.  Mother Teresa is highly heroic but she is unlikely to inspire unique paper; try to surprise the reader with your choice.  While writing about you career and personal goals, avoid descriptions of perfect job, focus on something unusual, and do not tell the reader that school degree is the only foundation of your future career!

Admission Essay Topics: Help with Writing

Admission essay is the synthesis of your unique personal characteristics, academic performance, and life experiences.  In addition, it requires persuasive writing style, you have to support your desire to attend college with specific examples.  Keep in mind that admission officer reads more than a hundred personal statements every day and your? application? has to catch his attention.  Order admission essay writing service at and you can be confident that the paper you receive is interesting to read, underlines your personal qualities, and persuades the reader that you are a perfect candidate.  Do not lose your chance to become successful, order custom writing service!

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