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A Quick Guide To Writing An Essay Conclusion


There is usually a link between the starting point, i.e. the essay topic and the conclusion. If the college essay topic is asking a question, then the conclusion should contain the answer.

The essay reader may look at the conclusion first to get a quick idea of the main arguments or points. However, not every academic essay has a conclusion, but nevertheless essay conclusion writing is very important to write.

In some cases English essay conclusion may be linked to the discussion section, or it may be called concluding remarks, or summary.

However, in most cases it is helpful for the reader to have a section that (quite briefly) looks back at what has been already said in college English essay and makes some comments about the main part.

A Quick Guide To Writing an Essay Conclusion

Read the following extracts from college essay conclusions:

a)      As always, this investigation has a number of limitations to be considered in evaluating its findings.

b)     To be more precise, there was a positive relation between tolerant and patient problem solving and all four measures of adjustment: general, interaction, work and subjective well-being.

c)       Obviously, business expatriates could benefit from being informed that problem-focused coping strategies are more effective than symptom-focused ones.

d)     Another line of research worth pursuing further is to study the importance of language for expatriate assignments.

e)      Our review of 13 studies of strikes in public transport demonstrates that the effect of a strike on public transport  varies and many either be temporary or permanent.

Essay Writing from Scratch

Writing an essay make a transitions between the paragraphs. Transition from one paragraph to the next enhances the inner coherence of the essay and guides the reader when advancing through your arguments.

 Ideally, the end of a paragraph should connect with the next paragraph, and a transitional phrase at the beginning of a paragraph should somehow point back to the previous one in academic essay.

The easiest way to achieve this is to incorporate such a connector in the essay topic sentence at the beginning of each new paragraph.

Thereby, the topic statement fulfills two functions:

  • First, it points back to the previous paragraph or argument;
  • Second, it introduces the current paragraph together with its new idea or line of argumentation.

This way the topic sentence not only introduces a new idea, but also links the idea of the new paragraph to the previous one.

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