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A Problem Solution Essay


A problem solution essay is usually used in colleges and universities to measure each student’s ability to identify and then to solve problems. All this essays starts with definition a dilemma, predicament or a problem.

In order to write an affective problem solution essay you need to be sure that you identify the nature of the question. Here are few simple steps to make your writing easily.

A Problem Solution Essay Without Any Problems! Steps To Follow

  • Define the problem. It can be absolutely everything; the main point is that the problem should be very clearly defined.
  • A second parts of a problem solution essay deals with researching and analyzing the problem as detail as possible. The writer needs to place additional information for better understanding the causes of the problem and the reasons why this problem still exists
  • As our resources are always limited you need to establish selection criteria to pick reasonable solutions for this problem. This criteria makes the solution more realistic rather than fantastic
  • Provide a list of possible solutions, which are based on the pointed criteria
  • Choose the optimal solution which will be based on the costs, researches needs, time spent
  • Write about the ways how you can implement this solution in order to solve the established problem. This final step gives to your problem solution essay a final touch that will impress the reader and make the paper complete.

Basic Features For Problem Solution Essay

  • A well-defined problem. Before the presenting the solution of the problem you need to be sure that readers know what the problem is.
  • A proposed solution. While the problem is established the writer must present and argue for a particular solution. Be sure that your solutions are reasonable.
  • A convincing argument. The main purpose of your essay is to convince readers that your solution is the best way of solving the problem. You should try to demonstrate that proposed solution will solve the problem, that it is a real way to solve the problem that it stands against some anticipated objections or reservations. It should be clear that this way of solving the problem is better than any other.
  • A reasonable tone. Keeping in mind the proposal or the argument that was made earlier, writers should take a reasonable tone. The aim of it is to bridge any gap that can appear between writer and readers, but not widen it. You should create such a bridge by showing respect for the readers and treating their concerns seriously.

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