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5-Paragraph Essay Topics


Probably, one of the most frequent academic assignments is essay writing. Students have to accomplish essays on different subjects beginning with Literature up to Statistics. One of the most widespread essay types is a 5-paragraph essay.

Very often a topic for as well as five paragraph essay format is not specified by a tutor. In this case students are free to choose any topic they like. On the one hand, it gives a freedom of choice, but on the other hand, one may get lost in a variety of possible 5-paragraph essay topics

Where to search for good 5-paragraph essay topics: Surf the Web

  • Look through a number of free online essays on the subject you have to deal with. This strategy will help you not only find an interesting idea to disclose in your paper but also get to know what to write about.
  • Scan web articles devoted to your research area. Good 5-paragraph essay topics on History can be found on BBC history website. If you are searching for 5-paragraph essay topics on Geography, visit the National Geographic blog.

Where to search for good 5-paragraph essay topics: Watch the TV channels devoted to the questions you are interested in

  • Some interesting 5-paragraph essay topics can be got with the help of the TV. For instance, if you have to write a paper on History, watch the History Channel. Perhaps, one of the hot topics discussed on the TV will give you an idea to develop in your paper. Besides, TV usually presents a sort of sensations for the audience that will also be interesting to discuss in the essay.

Where to search for good 5-paragraph essay topics: Combine several topics

  • Good 5-paragraph essay topics can also be made by combining several issues into one. How can you do it? Well, let us assume you have to write a paper on some social issue, e.g. abortion. Find the website providing free online essays categorized by certain subjects. Find Medicine and abortion within. As you open the Web page, you will see several essays on Medicine devoted to this question. Now search for abortion in any other subject categories, such as Social Sciences or Religion. Thus, you can consider abortion from at least 3 perspectives. Now you just have to think of an appropriate title for your paper.

Finally, you can look through the list of possible 5-paragraph essay topics your teacher suggested.

After you have decided on the topic, you need to get an approval from your teacher. So, do not forget to consult him/her on the appropriateness of the topic chosen. If you are looking for assistance by custom essay writers, try our professional online writing services and get your essay written within the shortest deadline!

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