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5 Paragraph Essay Outline


While writing a 5 paragraph essay you should never try to accomplish the task in the very first shot. You will get a far better 5 paragraph essay outline if you first divide it in to more manageable sections and attempt each part separately before unifying them in to a harmonious whole.

5 paragraph essay outline

It’s always a good idea to take your 5 paragraph essay outline one step at a time-starting from the introduction or by first attempting the supporting paragraphs. Lastly you can end with the conclusion. In this way you can build your essay just as a house is built brick by brick.

The main purpose behind the introductory paragraph apart from drawing in the interest of the reader is to put them in the picture. The first paragraph will act as road map to inform the reader of what is to follow and set the tone for the rest of the essay.

The first paragraph should be:

  1. Interesting
  2. Clear and concise

How you handle the beginning of your essay will largely determine the grades you get at the end so tread with skill and caution.

Think small

Do not try to put in too much too fast in to your 5 paragraph essay outline. After brainstorming to decide on the best topic-make a note of three of the best supporting points in order of importance. Develop the most important of these points in to your thesis statement and then think hard about how these points flow and connect logically with each other. Also use the active voice to elaborate on the thesis as well as the three supporting ideas.

Once you have the 5 paragraph essay outline- give a special thought to words, sentences and phrases that can interconnect one point with another.

Enjoy the process.

It is very important for you to enjoy writing your essay because this will also ensure that the reader will enjoy going through it. Vary the language and sentence structure to avoid monotony. Once you have finished the 5 paragraph essay outline it is then time to start writing the first draft of your essay by using the 5 paragraph essay outline as your point of reference

Keep in mind that the pronoun "I." should only be used in a personal narrative. Lastly reserve your own personal opinion for the end after covering what authoritative sources have to say on the topic.

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