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5 Paragraph Essay Format


During your time in collegeyou are far more likely to be asked to write a 5 paragraph essay format than any other one. So, here is the low down on each of the five paragraphs in the 5 paragraph essay format and what they should contain.

5 paragraph essay format: The first paragraph

The first introductory paragraph in a five paragraph essayformat is the most crucial, since its main aim is to grab the reader’s attention. Remember that a person reading your essay has so many things at the back of their minds. This is why it is so crucial for you to start with a sentence that can make the readers focus on to your essay and gets them interested in wanting to know what you have to say next.

It is a good idea to start with a quote that is related to your topic. For instance, if you are writing on friendship, then you can start with a quote like:

  • “A friend is a person with whom I can be sincere, with whom I can think aloud.”

But ensure that you give the name of the person that is responsible for the quote. Alternately, you can grab the attention of the reader by making a controversial statement that can keep them at the edge of their seat. Once you have got the attention of the reader, the first paragraph should consist of a concise description of the topic that you are about to write on. The last and most important part of your first paragraph is your thesis statement.

5 paragraph essay format: Second, third and fourth paragraphs

The second, third and fourth paragraphs are also known as the body paragraphs. The main function of body paragraphs in a 5 paragraph essay format is toexpand onthe thesis statement by developing the claim in the first paragraph. Body paragraphs should cover a relevant point each per paragraph and so you should also include a topic sentence that will act as a roadmap for the reader to know what is to follow. This sentence can be followed by two or three sentences that add details to support and verify the topic sentence and its relevance to your central thesis.

5 paragraph essay format: The fifth paragraph

The last concluding paragraph in a 5 paragraph essay format should reaffirm the thesis while giving a summary of the main points of your argument. This is the time to drive your point home and add your personal feelings on the topic. One thing a concluding paragraph should never do is to introduce any new information at this point.

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