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5 Paragraph Essay


While studying, students have to learn certain things that might contribute to excellence in writing. When writing a 5 paragraph essay, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you have to deal with 5 separate parts and learn to master each of them. In this article, you will find some useful prompts for writing a 5 paragraph essay. So, take them into consideration if you care about how to make your writing better.

One of the most important factors influencing success in the 5 paragraph essay is the essay layout you should stick to. So, when working on your 5 paragraph essay, keep to the following structure:

  • Introductory paragraph – where you have to explain why your 5 paragraph essay topic is worth considering. What makes the problem harder? In this part of your 5 paragraph essay, you should also present your thesis statement that will be supported further in your paper.
  • First Body Paragraph – the first part of the main body of your 5 paragraph essay should present the first point of view as well as specific arguments to support it.
  • Second Body Part – this part is similar to the previous one and also requires a topic sentences and at least three evidences and examples to backup it.
  • Third Body Paragraph – the last part of the main body of your 5 paragraph essay should present the point of view which is different from the ones presented in the previous parts. Support it with at least 3 possible examples or evidences.
  • Concluding paragraph – in the final part of your 5 paragraph essay, reword your thesis statement and provide the clincher.

Useful tips for writing

  • Avoid too general information. Mostly, students present it in the introductory part which makes their papers more banal. Choose another track to go by – try to make your introduction catchy by presenting an interesting or perhaps, even shocking thesis statement.
  • Try your best to make the first paragraph of the body the strongest one. It should include the most significant example, cleverest illustration, and the element that bridges the beginning of your paper with its body.
  • Use transitions between your paragraphs. Though, dealing with 5 parts of the 5 paragraph essay means making 5 separate parts, generally, you have to make a coherent paper.

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