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Critical Essay Writing

Critical essay is not a summary of a book and is not an overview of the movie. While writing a critical essay, you should strive to persuade the reader that your point of view is right. For example, if your critical essay writing is based on a book, you may argue that the main theme is love and support your statement with evidence from the studied book. Critical essay writing assignment allows expression of your own ideas; however, every statement you make has to be supported with evidence. Every word you use, every sentence you compose should contribute to the topic. Keep in mind that critical essay can be written on a story, poem, book, movie, piece of art, person, and even event or situation.

Critical Essay Format

As you already know, the word critical can have both negative and positive meaning: you can either agree or disagree with author; you can like or dislike his work. Despite of your opinion, you need to prove your point of view. Critical essay writing is aimed at helping you develop critical thinking skills and ability to analyze. The most common format of critical essay writing as follows:

  • summary (summarize the main idea raised by the author, key themes, conclusions)
  • evaluation (critically assess the work of author, state whether he failed or succeeded, evaluate the logical consistency, relevance, etc.)
  • discussion (think about your own idea and try to find the reason why you disagree/agree with author)
  • conclusion (conclude your critical essay with overall impression).

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Critical Essay Secrets

  • Critical essay should be informative with the major emphasis made on the work being studied rather than your personal opinion
  • Critical essay should be based on facts, not feelings or assumptions; if you believe that your position is right, you need to prove it
  • Explore and discuss the studied work rather than attack the author
  • Critical essay should be serious. Humorous tone is not acceptable
  • Critical essay should be based on evidence and facts from studied work (if you want to discuss the specific issue, back it up with authors writing )
  • Critical essay should be referenced. Use citations and summaries, do not forget to follow the proper referencing and citation style)
  • Critical essay should be logically structured

Custom Critical Essay

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